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Ask Andy – The Bands of Yesterday 1 hr mix in Pro Tools 12

HI Music Producers!

Thanks for subscribing to the ASK ANDY Production Newsletter. Here in Santa Fe, NM its near the end of June and we have been having temperatures in the upper 90s F.  The rivers are running high with snow melt which is a good thing if you are a river kayaker 🙂

Today I wanted to draw your attention to a video I did demonstrating a “1 hr mix of a 90’s style rock song” by Steve Baruah.

Steve was working on this song “The Bands of Yesterday” and had posted his results several times on the TAXI P2P forum.

I felt like I could get it a little closer to the reference artists which were Gin Blossoms and Oasis. If you listen to those bands on iTunes / Apple Music or Spotify you hear really well recorded and crafted songs with great mixes – everything is fat sounding, yet bright and clear. IMO they are great examples of rock mixes from that era.

While this video is specific to Pro Tools 12 and the included plugins that come with it, the techniques can be applied to any DAW as long as you know where to find similar plugins and similar editing functions.

Click Here to watch on YouTube:

1 hr 90’s Rock Mix

Have a look and feel free to leave a comment about the video and if it was useful to you.

If you have anything that you would like to know more about feel free to email me at and I will slate it for a future episode and / or will give you a personal answer.

Take care and happy producing!


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