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How DO You record audio versions of your drum Virtual Instruments?

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I have a series of videos that are going to be coming at you in the next few months.

The first one: Logic X – Recording drum splits from a drum virtual instrument

Here’s the situation: You are collaborating on a track with another producer, and you agree to send audio files of your drum programming or electronic drum kit performance. Hmm……only one problem, its difficult to get those “splits” out of your drum Virtual Instrument, and your collaborator doesn’t have the cool cool sounds that you do, so sending just the MIDI performance isn’t going to cut it.

here’s my answer:

This tutorial is done in Logic X and there are a couple of wrinkles that are specific to Logic, but the basic workflow is the same whether you are on Logic, Pro Tools or a number of other DAWs on both Mac and PC.

Keep in mind that many DAW’s have an offline “bounce to audio” function and you could also use that by soloing channels in the drum virtual instrument and bouncing – with the caveat that all the tracks might end up as stereo tracks. And since you are likely sending these files via Dropbox or some other ftp service, having the smallest files possible is quicker – and mono files take up half the size of stereo.

Have a look and feel free to leave a comment about the video and if it was useful to you.

If you have anything that you would like to know more about feel free to email me at and I will slate it for a future episode.

Take care and happy producing!


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